Our Vision

Generation Church exists to bring people into freedom through daily encounters in God's presence.

Our Values


We got your back
We show up regardless of the season. Change happens when we do life together.


Make it clear
We hit the target when we are clear with our communication and expectations. Everyone wins when we are organized and intentional.


Raise + Release
We develop people to operate in their God given gifts. The kingdom advances as we empower individuals to fulfill their potential and purpose.


It's not an option
Forgiveness frees you and releases others. Unforgiveness will keep you from fulfilling God's call on your life.


Let's Goooooo!!!!!
Enjoy the journey. If you are not having fun you are doing it wrong.


See straight
Gratitude reveals God's perspective. Joy is found and hope is stirred from a gracious heart


Set the pace
We are our best when we are refreshed. Working from a place of rest and creating margin prevents burnout and sustains the call.


Lean in
Honesty creates trust. We lean into hard conversations to create clarity, freedom, and unity.


Heaven's value
We choose to see people the way God sees them. We prefer others and celebrate often.


Don't do fake
We create environments where everyone is welcome. We lead with authenticity and consistency in all areas of life.

Our Standards of Leadership

Daily Encounters

There is only one way to God, and it’s through Jesus — but in Jesus, there are many ways to connect with God. We disciple people by helping them discover how they best connect with God and by teaching them to access the presence of God on a daily basis.


Forgiveness is not optional. When you stop forgiving, you stop spiritually growing. We are never more like Jesus than when we are forgiving!


We are committed to honor the Sabbath. We set apart one day a week and keep it holy unto the Lord. The Sabbath was made for us to rest, heal and hear God.


We honor the Lord with the tithe. With joy, we give to God our first and our best!


The favor of God is found in unity. Our desire is to be in perfect unity with the Holy Spirit, which brings us into unity with one another! We understand that unity pleases the Lord.